I wish 

today I present to you a little collage of things that I will probably never get to own :)) I say this with a somewhat of a strained smile.

I am really trying to bring out my inner ‘eccentric style’ because  really want to stand out more rather than just blending with the crowd.

I want to be able to have the confidence to wear something that is a little more out there but that still reflects and connects with me. I want to break away from all the ‘disposable fashion’ that surrounds us.

So I went and did one of my favourite things: online window shopping, marvelling at clothes that I may never own, but it still gave me inspiration to say the least.

Exactly this gives you so much more confidence, and you can walk through a crowd with your head held high and to feel comfortable in what you are wearing but also dressing in clothes that show your personality and you own individual style.

I think once I have discovered my own style, I can create killer outfits and it will definitely be something that will boost my confidence soooo much. And my blog is a way that helps me discover that.

If you have any questions about any of the items I’m showing here feel free to ask in the comments :))