I like to think of myself as someone who isn’t a simple minded person. Just someone surrounded by all these people who are so focused on stupid things that don’t matter and never think of the bigger picture.

I like to think that I’m different.

I’m not different.

I’m exactly like everyone else. Stressing and worrying about things I have always despised until I’ve been involved in it. I’d like to think that I’m stronger than this. That my intellect can overpower and overcome all of these juvenile problems that at the end of the day help no one and don’t matter at all. I want to be able to rise above all of it, be independent and intelligent.

But unfortunately it is much easier said than done. Maybe I need to experience it, maybe it’s a part of growing up. We need to make these mistakes now so that we can learn from them and live more intellectual lives in the future.

This is exactly the reason why I despise all these self-absorbed celebrities. Simple minded.

I never want to be one of those people.

I guess this has all just hit me at once, all this stuff happening that I can’t really escape.

I’ve had an epiphany; I watched ‘How to be single’ about three times over the weekend, and even though it showed nothing that I could relate to I had watched it at just the right time in my life. I realised that I should cut off all these toxic relationships that I had.

And live life for me, and me alone. I shouldn’t be surrounding myself with people that make me feel like shit. They shouldn’t be the reason that I’m happy or not. Even though it might hurt, it’s the best thing to do.

I don’t need them, I don’t need him. All I need is to be happy and content with myself, be surrounded by people that I know will be there for me, even though I may not have met those true friends yet, I sure hope to at some point in my life.

See I was just about to say that “I see such a bright future for myself and that’s what I should be concentrating on now.” But that’s not true. I should be living in the moment, enjoying the life that I have right now, the age where my social life is at its prime. Because I won’t get to live like this for long.

For me it’s about having a balance; not completely removing myself from everyone around me, but being around people that make me happy and make me feel good, and to enjoy this time with them.

Oh gosh, you have no idea how good that felt to get that all out.

I think I might be onto something here, part of the key to a happier life. I think I’ve learned how to change for the better :))

Talk sooonn!